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Other Plastic Decking

Wood Decking

Aluminum Decking


Made of only premium virgin grade PP compounded with Fibre Glass to improve strength in all applications.

Other plastic decking could be made using fillers such as talc, mica, or wood fibre that degrade performance in order to save on expensive base resin.

Wood will eventually rot, curl, splinter, deteriorate and can become saturated with moisture

Aluminum, although long-lasting, will dent and/or bend and is noisy. Aluminum may have dangerous sharp edges or corners.

Warranty Coverage

Covered by a comprehensive limited warranty that covers the residential home owner for the entire term of coverage. We are proud of our warranty and you can download it here.

Some other manufacturers tout a “Lifetime” warranty that could only cover the owner for as little as two (2) years before “pro-rating” or diminishing your coverage. Always read and understand the warranties of companies you buy from, especially those who claim “Lifetime” coverage.

What you see is what you get. There is generally no warranty with wood decking.

Generally a very limited term warranty is provided, such as one year.

Maintenance Required

Totally maintenance free!

Enjoy your outdoor living space without the work.

Generally, limited or no maintenance required.

Requires staining or sealing on a regular basis. Even with regular maintenance, wood eventually requires replacement.

Painted aluminum may fade, flake or peel requiring refinishing. Dings and dents are unsightly and nearly impossible to repair.


Attractive design is made to stand the test of time. See ThruFlow™ in application here.

ThruFlow’s stringent standards for fit and finish become apparent upon a side by side comparison with any competition.

Other plastic decking products may weather to a grey color or the surface may become stained or dirty looking with age. Some products have remnants of their production process (blobs, cut edges) left as a constant reminder of poor appearance.

Wood will fade and crack. It may warp, cup or splinter. Wood contains unsightly knots that may result in holes.

Painted aluminum will scratch, flake or peel. Aluminum will also dent and bend detracting from its appearance.


ThruFlow feels stiff and solid underfoot providing the unyielding security you require regardless of temperature.

The non-slip surface is extremely effective in keeping you sure footed, even in wet conditions, while massaging your bare feet.

ThruFlow colors and it’s very design are engineered to provide a cool walking surface even in direct sun and very hot ambient temperatures.

Other plastic decking products may feel spongy to walk or stand on. If you want a metal reinforced surface, it could cost you more than 50-100% more. It's simply not worth it.

Most surfaces have either too little or too aggressive surface treatment and may feel rough on the feet. Due to use of bulk fillers the non-slip surface may wear away over time.

Depending on color and design factors, may be very hot to walk on.

The stiffness of Wood is a desirable quality that all plastic decking products strive to approximate.

Wood can become dangerously slippery when wet or icy.

May be very hot to walk on

Generally, good stiffness underfoot.

Generally has extruded non-slip design only in one direction.

Depending on color and manufacturing factors, may be very hot to walk on.

Environmental Impact

ThruFlow is designed and proven via scientific study to allow enough light and water to pass through to limit the impact of your walking surface on the environment.

ThruFlow is approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in applications over Johnson Sea Grass and Mangrove Habitat.

Generally, not proven in environmental application.

Generally, not proven for any environmental application. CCA pressure treated lumber is actually proven to harm the environment with release of toxins including arsenic and is not safe for use around children.

Generally, not proven in environmental application.